Sometimes the distortion that results from using a fisheye lens needs to be celebrated. Other times it needs to be corrected. Fisheye-Hemi allows you to make that choice. The Fisheye-Hemi Plug-In automatically remaps your fisheye images to minimize distortion and maximize the preservation of all image details.
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  • The human eye likes images to be aesthetically pleasing. We prefer the faces to be normal, the bodies straight, the lines straight, minimal loss of image detail, and high resolution. Fisheye-Hemi delivers aesthetically pleasing images.
  • Fisheye-Hemi displays the intended composition and framing better than other de-warping programs.
  • Fisheye-Hemi provides a more normal view of people by not distorting their faces and bodies.
  • Last, but equally important, Fisheye-Hemi straightens vertical lines.
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