Fisheye-Hemi v2

Powerful, flexible and still easy to use Fisheye-Hemi version 2 for Photoshop® provides a user interface that is as easy to use as the version 1 set of plug-ins but also allows you as much control and flexibility as you want in tuning your images. Free Trial

Take a Tour of Version 2

  • Start by picking a predefined preset to get the same results as version 1.

    Not familiar with the three version 1 filters?  Go here to understand how Fisheye-Hemi works.

  • Now you can duplicate that preset and begin tuning your own custom version.

    Presets can be exported and imported for archiving or sharing with other users.

  • "Dial in" those prominent vertical lines with the Radius control.

    Along with Tilt adjustment that should be all you need for most landscape-oriented images.

  • Need guidelines - click the "Grid" button in the lower right corner.
    Not satisfied with a tweak? Revert one or all of your changes.
    Click and hold on the image preview to see the original.

  • If you want even finer adjustment you can use the Advanced Controls.
    Horizontal and vertical alignment allows you to center the image.
    Note again that these adjustment "experiments" can be easily reverted.

  • Version 2 provides more flexibility in correcting both landscape and portrait images.
    The default, "Auto-Detect", provides compatibility with version 1.
    Focus the primary correction on a particular axis by clicking "Vertical" or "Horizontal"

  • And finally descend into the "Engine Room"...
    These are settings that are automatically computed and generally you won't need to touch them.
    In some cases though, for example portrait images, they can be very useful.

  • Take manual control of the aspect ratio by choosing "Crop".
    You now have access to all 10 low level adjustments.
    These adjustments will allow you to fine-tune across all areas of the image.
    The last four are particularly useful for portrait images.
    Have fun and remember that "Revert" button!